Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, hey, I'm back! You would not believe the day I had... I'm now officially an adult! March 26, 2006...hah! my 18th birthday... I cannot believe how many people remembered my birthday! Many thanks to all of you... You made this day unbelievable! Actually, the way we celebrated was neither extravagant nor was as simple as an intimate dinner with my family..but then, it was also great because it was a constant reminder that whatever happens, throughout all the events whether good or bad, big or small--my family will always be there as witnesses of my life. That's why I thank the Lord so much for this family who's been with me through it all, who've seen it all, but still chose to stay... Hey, I'm getting all mushy here.. someone hand me a tissue! Just kidding. Well, I'll keep this short since I actually just wrote to announce to everyone that I've finally come of age. Well, see yah!

Friday, March 03, 2006


at last, after a gruelling week, it has come to an end! but still, the assignments and homeworks don't stop there.. they keep on piling up week after week, which, if I'm not careful, I might find myself in way over my head. oh, least, I get to take a much needed breather. And oh yeah, I almost forgot, there's a crescent-shaped moon tonight, which reminds me very much of the grinning cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. It's almost reassuring to think I can still notice something as small and insignificant to others when I'm obviously so dead to the world and all I can think about right now is sleeping..zzz...which makes me appreciate the fact that I still have time to write this..haha the ironies of life...Oh, well..It all ends here. God bless ya all n happy weekend! Over n out..thank God! =p

My Desperate Time and God's Own Time

this is sooo true..i got this from our church's

Time Zones and Faith
by John Fischer

Our thought for today comes from a woman who has had more difficulties to deal with than a lot of us put together. That is why she has a right to say what she says, and why we should take notice when she says it.

"I know discouragement comes easy, but I also know things happen when God is ready for them to happen and not a second sooner. God knows why he wants things to happen in the order they have to. We just need to be ready when they come."

This is a woman in a complex situation seeking to hold onto a childlike faith while displaying an adult-like wisdom. What she's saying is that she has recognized there are two different time zones going on when it comes to correlating God's will and our experience. One I'll call My Desperate Time (MDT) and the other, God's Own Time (GOT).

Most of us run on MDT. MDT defines our reality. It's what we see and feel always. We are conscious of it the minute we rise up in the morning until we put our weary heads on the pillow at night. We measure pleasure and pain by it; we judge our overall state-of-being by it.

God, on the other hand, exists in another time zone entirely. In GOT, His will is always done, and nothing is ever late. GOT also takes into account the MDT of everyone, which can often get tangled up. You see there are as many MDT zones as there are people, and that means they can often be in conflict. But with God there is never any conflict. There is only one GOT and as far as He is concerned, everything is right on schedule.

This is why it is utterly silly to wonder if God has heard our prayers based on whether or not He has acted in MDT. God always hears our prayers -- He has most likely already answered them -- he just answered them in GOT.

Most of our issues with God are all about time zones. Think about the hapless Bible character, Job. Job was smack in the middle of MDT all the while he was suffering, and his best friends were trying to figure out why God wasn't doing anything in MDT. Well, we know now that God rarely does; He is always in GOT and we can see that now, in Job's case, because his life ultimately caught up with GOT. Eventually, all MDT will be GOT. In fact, that will be what heaven is all about. We will all be kicking back in God's Own Time.

So faith is mostly all about time zones. When you pray, know that you were heard, and move ahead, believing in GOT and just maybe, MDT won't be so desperate.