Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buhay artista

hay buhay artista nga naman oo.. tulog sa umaga, gising sa gabi hanggang madaling araw.. ganyan ako ngayon kaya nag-ffeeling.. haha wala lang, drama lang..

Actually I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. It'll be my day off again. Such a relief after working nonstop for six days a week. I'm confused. What'll I do first? This comes in a rarity, so I want to make the most of it. I've already filled up the afternoon with an appointment at White Beauty Face and Body Center with mom. We're set to have treatments for the face, body, and feet. I'm quite excited, since this will be my first.

How about the morning? I hope to spend it by catching up on sleep a bit more and spending a lazy morning taking my time and waiting on the Lord in prayer, morning devotion, and pursuit. Oh, and I have to practice reading Psalm 52 in chinese, since I'll have to lead the reading in our bible study tom night.

I just have one prayer before the Lord these days: Save me from religion, I don't want to fall into it. I want to seek You, to love You, to satisfy You with all my heart. Not serving out of responsibility or obligation, but out of a heart that follows hard after You. Jesus, draw me close.