Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lost love?

Jesus, be my ONE and ONLY. No matter how much I repeat this and other such statements/declarations, I seem to be fooling myself in denial of all I feel. Indulge me just this moment and allow me to have one entry for my so-called pent-up emotions which I can no longer bear. I am human, after all.

Before, when I see him at church, he's just someone I admired and nothing more.. But now, I don't know..

If only I could tell you.. tell you how much I long to take a long walk with you, just to talk.. to ask your views, and to let myself be heard.. or even just to sit by your side in silent contentment.. I know it'd be comfortable either way. You see, I know what you're like.. even from afar.. I know.. because when you speak, when you share what's in your heart, I find we're just the same. I can complete your sentence, and I have no doubt you can do mine as well. I know deep inside, we're just two people with the "audience of One". We both long to please our Master as we sojourn here on earth. And when our time ends, we both long to hear the words "good and faithful servant".

Most of all, I know it is because we're so alike that we can never be together. I can't explain in detail, but I have no doubt you'd know what I mean.

And so, I repeat it once again.. JESUS, BE MY ONE AND ONLY. Whom have I in heaven but YOU, and EARTH has NOTHING I DESIRE BESIDES YOU.