Monday, September 15, 2008

AFPMC-V.Luna rotation '08

August 18- September 12, 2008 My rotation at V. Luna was by far the most eventful for such a short period of time. It was a wonderful experience--the people were great and it was a healthy working environment. I was so blessed to be able to rotate there at that time, and eventhough I wish we were there for a longer period of time, I'm really thankful I was able to even rotate there. The people I were with: sharmaine, george, ate bianx, and sir macky were the best people to share meals, laughter, and stories with. I think we all really clicked and became close in a short period of less than 4 weeks.

:Sigh: Leaving people and places behind is always sad, there's no question about that. But I believe, we still have the choice if those we left behind physically will still continue to be in our lives long after we part ways. Right now, however, I'm making a choice that the people I parted ways with physically will never lose the place they had in my heart. I will forever cherish the V.Luna experience and all the little things that made it memorable.

For all the foods, laughters, stories, music, fun, knowledge, and friendship---V.Luna and the people involved will continue to hold a very special place in my heart. Thanks to you all!

P.S. Special mention to kuya jv, ate ja and kuya rhandz who visited during our stay there, thanks for sharing in the fun! ",)