Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melancholic last night at PCMC

@ 6:00-8:30pm July 18, 2008- Debriefieng, parting words, packing our bags, packing up the toys, last aftercare of the speech room, loft area, staff room, splint area, computer room, walking in circles around PCMC Rehab. Med. Division, sitting on chairs, eating, talking, laughing, taking pictures, blowing on my pen, trying on the seesaw, stationary bike and other equipments around the center, last minute learning on how to make POP splints, watching the PT interns practice their dance moves, kissing Ate Yves goodbye and shaking hands with Kuya Chi, peer evaluations, seeing our grades, etc. etc.
These include our last moments at PCMC, it was a sad farewell after 2 months of fun and laughter we didn't notice had already passed us by. As we packed our bags and readied ourselves to go home, it was like literally "packing our bags" from a home we had grown to love. It was a shame we didn't have a complete group picture with all the OT staffs at PCMC, even Aaron whose birthday it was, wasn't able to join this picture posted above. Nonetheless, all the memories of laughter and tears at PCMC will surely never be forgotten. The OT area, with all it's potentials for interior decorators like us, was made lively by all our quirks and crafts. It was really an experience I would forever cherish. Thanks to Sir Mark, Ma'am Choche, Ma'am Meg, Sir Julius (who's already out of the country), Ma'am Bianca, Sir Borge, and Ma'am Joan. You've all made our stay memorable!